пятница, 13 июля 2012 г.

palm tree bomber

bomber: zara (similar here)
shorts: only vintage (similar here)
bracelets:  mango (similar here and here)
leather bracelet: skriabin (similar here and here and here and here)
watch: parfois (similar here and here and here)
wedge sneakers: ash

photo: Petr Malygin

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  1. I was tempted to buy a bomber today and I did, I'm sorry lol, it will be for the next, greetings from Mexico

  2. классный бомбер)) да и вообще мне весь лук нравится)))

  3. Анонимный15 июля 2012 г., 13:29

    Супер образ! тоже хочу такой купить :)

  4. Hi dear
    Thanks for hype me on lookbook
    I found your blog now and I'm loving it, you're really stylish! I'm following you now!
    Visit my blog and follow if you like it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

    1. thanks a lot Joana!
      love your style and love Portugal !
      following you <3